Wedding Ceremony- A Union of Two Souls and their Families

Wedding is the day an individual though might not say by oneself but is most excited about it. It is the day when a girl’s dream is fulfilled by stepping in a family which would love her, support her, and care for her just like her parents did. It is the day when a boy feels the happiness and security of sharing each moment of joys and sorrows with her partner. It is not just the union of two souls but a union of two families as well. It is a day when two people promise each other to extend their family neither part of the members. The joy of the bride’s family about allowing their daughter to step in a healthy and happy family is wedding all about. The joy of the groom’s family to welcome a new member in their family and making her a part of their happiness is wedding all about.

Weddings in India are an elaborate celebration. It is not just a matter of a day or two, but a whole week of true celebration along with the loved and known ones of the family. a proper traditional Hindu wedding involves many ceremonies to be performed before the wedding. May one call it Biye in Bengali, Lagan in Gujarati, or even Shadi in Hindi, a wedding is all about fun, celebration, union, and happiness. It involves the union of two souls along with the pure union of their families. Both the families welcome the new member in their extended family and promise them to treat as their child.

Various people in wedding attend the function for various reasons. Children might attend it to have an experience of the new decorative environment; few people might attend it to meet their near and dear ones, while some might attend it to relish some mouth-watering delicacies. Though whatever might the reason be it is a moment where people enjoy to the most bless the newlywed couple from the bottom of their heart. As we all are acquainted with the fact that every coin has two sides, in the same manner, every situation has two sides of a joyous and one of the messy sides as well. A wedding is full of joyous as well as hilarious moments as well. These are the moments for a couple which they cherish for their lifetime and smile along with their partner in the growing years of togetherness.

How is a Traditional Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony performed?

A big fat Indian wedding is an elaborate ceremony which involves the celebration of many more ceremonies before the final wedding. The wedding itself involves many of the ceremonies to be performed which may differ from every other custom or tradition. The beginning of a Hindu wedding involves dressing the bride and the groom for their big day. It is every bride’s dream to dress up like a princess and to look the best on her day. The groom dresses up his best too for the wedding. Later both the families perform some basic holy rituals with the help of a priest and family members in their respective homes or a nearby temple.

Later the groom’s family starts their journey towards the bride’s home for the wedding ceremony. It is a matter of pride for the groom’s family to welcome a new member of their family. The family of the groom decorates a beautiful horse on which the groom along with a little kid of the house is being welcomed by the bride’s family. The family of the groom along with their family and friends start the procession with a grand celebration along with dancing and enjoying until they reach the bride’s doorstep. This procession is known as ‘Baarat’ in Hindi.

The moment they reach the bride’s home the family of the bride welcomes them by performing certain holy rituals and some fun ceremonies as well. The Baarat then may welcome the family members of the bride to join in their celebration as well. The members of the bride’s family welcome the groom and his family by offering flower garlands to them. The mother of the bride performs aarti for the groom and applies vermillion on his temple to bless him. Later a fun ceremony involves the bride’s mother to pull the groom’s nose whereas it is the responsibility of the groom’s family and friends to protect his nose to protect his pride.

Later the groom waits for the bride to arrive until the photo session of the groom with family and friends continues. Soon the bride arrives along with her siblings and is welcomed by the groom. The evening continues by another ceremony called ‘Jay Mala’ which involves the exchange of garlands by the bride and groom. This ceremony also involves fun, laughter, and joy as it is enjoyed as a tussle among both the families and friends and enjoys the moment of fun.

The wedding further continues by following more holy rituals by the priest to bless the newlyweds for their bright and prosperous future. Later the ceremony named ‘Pheras’ is performed. It involves revolving around the holy fire known as ‘Agni’ seven times. It represents seven promises in which the bride and the groom promise each other. Before this ceremony, the father of the bride ties a knot of the scarf tied around the neck of the bride’s and groom’s attire. This ceremony is known as ‘Kanyadaan’ which means donating a daughter which is considered as one of the purest forms of donation according to the Hindu tradition.

Later it is followed by ceremonies such as filling up the bride’s temple with vermillion by the groom. The vermillion is known as ‘Sindoor’ in Hindi. Later the boy ties a gold neck string with black beads known as ‘Mangal sutra’ around the bride’s neck. These ceremonies hold ritual importance and are performed in the presence of both the families and relatives. By the time these ceremonies are performed the guests relish various cuisines and dishes served at the wedding. These are some of the choicest moments for a bride and the groom which they cherish later with the help of sharing talks and pictures later.

The bride and groom along with their families later enjoy the meal too after a complete tiring day. They are also blessed with various gifts and blessings by the people invited to the ceremony. The whole ceremony sums up with another ceremony named ‘Vidaai’ which involves the departure of a daughter from her family and stepping in the groom’s family. The moment is full of emotions as the bride’s family has to bid her adieu. In this way, the whole ceremony completes beautifully along with good, beautiful, and memorable moments.