Holy Communion

Holy Communion Ceremony Every custom and tradition have their own ceremonies. Each ceremony has its spiritual importance as well. Hence one should be aware of the traditional importance of the ceremony. The moment a human takes birth until the moment the individual leaves for heavenly abode there are numerous customs and traditions one celebrates and […]

Baptism Ceremony

Baptism Ceremony: A Journey of Faith Introduction Few ceremonies are performed to celebrate the occasion, whereas there are such ceremonies that might not include celebration but are performed to follow the footsteps of our ancestors and for our peace of mind. Hence it involves a completely traditional way of performing the ritual. It also helps […]

Thread Ceremony

Thread Ceremony- A foot towards Educational Journey India, being a diverse country there are many religions, cultures, customs, and traditions experienced here. Millions of people are diversified into various cultures and traditions. Hence our country is also known as a ‘Mini World’ into this huge globe itself. Every culture has its specifications and traditions to […]

Circumcision Ceremony

Circumcision Ceremony: A way to welcome a New Life Introduction This universe is full of mysteries. A mystery can be found out anywhere. It can be hidden behind the food we eat, the houses we live, the faces we, or even the rituals or celebrations we follow. Though it might sound surprising every ritual has […]

Mundan Puja

Mundan Ceremony There are many ceremonies celebrated in every tradition and culture. Every ceremony holds spiritual and holy importance. Therefore it is mandatory to carry out a ceremony in a systematic way. Though people might be aware of major ceremonies such as weddings, engagement or ceremonies in a string of a marriage there are many […]

Baby Shower

Baby Shower- another happiest phase in the life of a Woman Marriage is one of the most auspicious and happiest days in life a couple. They dream of this day for many days excitedly along with their family members. There are various responsibilities to be taken care of by a wife and a husband after […]


Haldi Ceremony- A Step closer to D-Day The ceremonies queued to be performed before marriage is many. Every ceremony has its importance. Every ritual performed in the ceremony has its spiritual importance. The name, rituals performed, and the meaning of the ceremony may differ from every other culture. May the ceremony be celebrated in a […]


Engagement Ceremony- A walk towards the stronger bond Marriage is a pure bond which is believed to not just unite two souls but also two families as well. It is one of the most awaited and beautiful days for an individual. It involves the unity of two families who are going to be tied in […]

House Opening Ceremony

House Opening Ceremony- A Step towards the New Journey of Life May the destination be the same since years, But the journey towards it makes it memorable always. Home is a place that makes an individual feel the soothing sense of having a shelter at one’s head. It makes a person feel relieved about the […]

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony- A Ritual, A Peace of Happiness A naming ceremony is a procedure or a moment where a newborn is assigned with a name. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions for a child as well as the child’s family. The ceremony is known by various names in different cultures. […]