Muslim Wedding

A Muslim wedding is a heavy and purely traditional affair. It is an event of inviting the whole family and friends to celebrate the day. It is a day to spread love, eat and share food, and spread happiness. Though Muslims are strict about following their tradition there is no compromise in their celebrations or […]

South- Indian Wedding

The southern part of India is one of the most cultural and diverse parts of our country. The beautiful paddy fields, the fresh air, and the warm and loving people make the city a beautiful place to visit, so are the weddings of southern India. Southern India experiences various cultures of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, […]

Christian Wedding

A Christian wedding is a simple yet classical affair. It is a mixture of various cultures like South Indian and Goan cultures. Hence the wedding is a mixture of various traditions and experiences variety in food patterns and wedding attires. Let us have a look at the blend of thee cultures and the sum up […]

Maharashtrian Wedding

A Maharashtrian wedding is a simple though a lovely affair. The main aim of the wedding is the gathering of relatives, friends, and family members to bless the newly-weds. The wedding takes place in a typical and traditional style. It is a simple wedding with minimum rituals. Let us have a look at how a […]

Gujarati Wedding

‘Gujarat’ a place where you will find abundant food, abundant service, abundant love, and abundant hospitality. It is a land of vibrant colors and food. People here love and welcome any visitor to their land warmly. Hence it is also known as the land of prosperity. A tang of color and taste in their vegetarian […]

Bengali Wedding

Kolkata, ‘the city of joy’, is indeed just like its people. Bengali people are the most joyous people. They enjoy each moment of their routine lives as well. The people here are joyous and free-minded. They enjoy their cultural food, cultural dance, as well as the celebration of their festivities as well. Bengali people are […]

Marwari Wedding

A wedding is known to be a happy and royal affair but a Marwari Wedding is one of the most royal affairs in India. The states like Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, and the areas nearby experience some of the most royal weddings in India. A Marwari wedding is one of the royal affairs. Marwari culture, tradition, […]

Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi wedding can truly be defined as a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’. The wedding is an elaborate celebration of various rituals. Punjabis are believed to be the most warm-hearted and joyful people and so are the rituals performed at their weddings. It involves enthusiasm, joyful environment, and happy-hearted people around. A Punjabi wedding is a […]

Kashmiri Wedding

Different Weddings in India A wedding is one of the most essential and remembered day for a bride and the groom. The day is also essential for their family members as a bride’s family experiences mixed emotions of happiness for their daughter for a bright and better future and a bit of sorrow to bid […]

Baptism Ceremony

Baptism Ceremony: A Journey of Faith Introduction Few ceremonies are performed to celebrate the occasion, whereas there are such ceremonies that might not include celebration but are performed to follow the footsteps of our ancestors and for our peace of mind. Hence it involves a completely traditional way of performing the ritual. It also helps […]