Mundan Puja

Mundan Puja

Mundan Ceremony

There are many ceremonies celebrated in every tradition and culture. Every ceremony holds spiritual and holy importance. Therefore it is mandatory to carry out a ceremony in a systematic way. Though people might be aware of major ceremonies such as weddings, engagement or ceremonies in a string of a marriage there are many such ceremonies which people are still not acquainted with or do not know the accurate way to perform it. Mundan Ceremony is one of such rare ceremonies that people are not aware of.

What is a Mundan Ceremony?

A Mundan Ceremony is a function in which a child’s hair is shaven off for the first time. It is done as soon as the child turns one or can also be done until seven years of age. It is believed that the hair along with which a child takes birth consists of the evil eye or evil wards from the previous birth cycle of a child. Hence it is recommended to shave off the hair. Though it is the first hair cut of the child and not a huge thing to be awed of in some of the cultures it is celebrated just as the first birthday of a child.

The procedure involves performing some holy rituals with the help of a holy priest before. Then slowly and gradually the hair of the child is shaved off with utmost precautions and care. Some children may cry out loud as they fear the process going on with them while few children stay quiet and calm. The hair shaved off is not just thrown merely like a normal haircut but is collected in a ball of wheat dough and is mixed along with curd and turmeric. The child’s shaved head is then applied with mustard or any other hair oil to moisturize the skin after shaving off the head.

Later the child is dressed up in new clothes and is blessed by all the family and friends. The ceremony can be done elaborately or even in the presence of closed ones depending upon the decision of the family. People bless the child with gifts and lots of blessings. Later the day is concluded with a meal or refreshments for the people invited for the ceremony.