Holy Communion

Holy Communion

Holy Communion Ceremony

Every custom and tradition have their own ceremonies. Each ceremony has its spiritual importance as well. Hence one should be aware of the traditional importance of the ceremony. The moment a human takes birth until the moment the individual leaves for heavenly abode there are numerous customs and traditions one celebrates and enjoys its spiritual healing as well.

In the same way, Christians have one such vital ceremony to be celebrated known as ‘Holy Communion’. It is believed that communion can be practiced at any stage of life. Practicing communion helps one to get closer to Jesus Christ and feel his holy presence. It is believed that this ceremony involves inviting Jesus in one’s heart and makes the heart pure and free from all sins.

It is said that once Jesus was having supper with his 12 disciples where he shared a piece of bread with all by saying abbreviating it as this is my body and shared wine by abbreviating that this is my blood. Hence it is considered as one of the purest forms of service to humankind. Therefore communion also helps a person to reside Christ in one’s heart.

How is Holy Communion Celebrated?

Holy Communion can be performed by a family for their family member or can even be performed in a group for many of them as well. Therefore many of the people try to perform this ceremony in a group that is believed to bring more sacred blessings in the family. The ceremony begins by reciting holy prayers by a holy priest and by the ones who are about to take communion.
Further priest provides a piece of bread which signifies as the piece of the soul of Jesus to the communion receivers which they have to take from the priest by joining their hands in respect. Further, they are given wine which signifies the blood of Christ to dip the bread in and consume. This procedure signifies to bring purity into one’s heart and make the heart as pure and sacred as Christ. After the ceremony few more prayers are recited which signifies completion of this holy ceremony.

As a Holy Communion takes place in a church it does not involves much of the arrangements. The family who performs communion for their family members may invite their relatives and friends for their holy presence to bless their family member. Hence the event is blessed by the presence of family and friends. Few of the families believe in enjoying every moment of their life hence they may arrange a small get together for their loved ones in the form of organizing a lunch or dinner.

Let us have a look at some of the important services that are required if lunch or dinner is organized:

 Caterers
 Decorators
 Arrangement for the venue
 Seating arrangement for the guests
 Entertainment arrangement for the guests, and many such.