Baptism Ceremony

Baptism Ceremony

Baptism Ceremony: A Journey of Faith


Few ceremonies are performed to celebrate the occasion, whereas there are such ceremonies that might not include celebration but are performed to follow the footsteps of our ancestors and for our peace of mind. Hence it involves a completely traditional way of performing the ritual. It also helps one to give meaning to life and know the value of customs and traditions followed by our ancestors.

What is Baptism?

Baptism can be described as the start of the journey of one’s true faith in Jesus Christ. It is a ceremony performed in the religion of Christianity. It involves the individual accepting Christ and leaving behind the previous life which had sins and guilt. It is not restricted to an age bar and can be done the moment a child is born or even in adulthood as well.
Few people believe to get their child Baptized at the age of life where they can understand the meaning of the ceremony. But few people prefer to get their child Baptized after 8 days of their birth. Hence it depends on the individual’s family to decide the time of the person being baptized. Few people believe to baptize their children in their youngster age as they feel to let their children understand the meaning of terms like faith, trust, hope, and believe. Therefore the decision of performing the ceremony may differ according to the family.

How the ceremony is performed?

The ceremony is witnessed among family, friends, and relatives. It is often performed in Church or sometimes at a place ideal for it. It is done by the person having complete knowledge about performing Baptism in a traditional way. It can be done in two ways it can either be done by reciting the holy chants and putting a few drops of water on the person head who is getting baptized. It can also be done by immersing the individual partially or completely in water for a few seconds.
It is believed that before entering the body or a part of the body into the water the person is in its old life. But, the moment an individual comes out of the holy water along with the recitation of the holy chants the individual gets a new life where the person promises to walk on the path followed by the Christ. It happens in the presence of our loved ones to declare to all of them to believe in Christ and his teachings from today.

Services required

Though the ceremony might not sound like a celebration it needs the assistance of cooperation of a few people to make it a successful event. Let us have a look at a few of the arrangements:

  •  A person to arrange the venue for the ceremony to be performed
  • A photographer and a videographer
  • People to look after the small and unnoticeable arrangements.