House Opening Ceremony

House Opening Ceremony

House Opening Ceremony- A Step towards the New Journey of Life

May the destination be the same since years,

But the journey towards it makes it memorable always.

Home is a place that makes an individual feel the soothing sense of having a shelter at one’s head. It makes a person feel relieved about the fact of having a place to express emotions, to feel supported, to make one self realize the fact of being safe and protected in a city of unknown people and emotions. Every person has a dream to decorate their home the way they wish. Some like to decorate it with flowers, some like to add an earthy feel of their rural place to their home, while some like to decorate it with memories captured in the form of pictures.

Many other people wish to decorate their houses with many other things or even like to take the help or assistance of expertise in this array. But many such unfortunate people are not blessed to have their shelter. They are not blessed to feel protected or have a place of their own in a city full of unknowns and disguised people. Hence we should always be thankful to God for blessing us with the things we have today and should always try to share it with the ones who are deprived of this happiness and are not fortunate enough.

People have to adjust according to the situation they live in. The ones who are not able to afford their home rent the apartment while on the other hand there are people who can afford their dream home. Without the blessings of Lord and Almighty, we feel incomplete to begin a new venture and work. Hence we always take the blessings of God when we buy new things or begin on a new venture. The same happens when we buy a new home as well. We wish to make the place the most sacred and a beautiful one to love in.

What is House Opening Ceremony?

House Opening Ceremony or also known as House Warming Ceremony is the occasion in which the family who is about to reside in the house perform some holy rituals to seek blessings of the God for the house and protect it from evil eye as well. The rituals also help to bless the house with happiness, success, safety, and joy for the members living in it. It is performed by performing holy rituals and to know the important directions to place certain things in the house. Hence one tries to perform this ceremony on an auspicious day as well.

A holy priest is requested to perform the holy rituals and bless the new house and the members of it as well. The family members invite their family and friends to be a part of this auspicious moment. The guests are treated with some refreshments. People try to meet each other and cherish old memories as well. The holy priest performs all the holy rituals which might involve sprinkling of holy Gangajal in all the directions of the house. It is believed it helps to spread joy and happiness along with blessing the house with choicest blessings. The ceremony is concluded by arranging a lunch or dinner in the evening for the guests to celebrate happiness with all.

Let us have a look at some of the important services required to perform the ceremony:

  • Decorators
  • Caterers
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Seating arrangement for the guests
  • Arrangement for entertainment purpose of the guest (in case of an evening party)