Engagement Ceremony- A walk towards the stronger bond

Marriage is a pure bond which is believed to not just unite two souls but also two families as well. It is one of the most awaited and beautiful days for an individual. It involves the unity of two families who are going to be tied in a knot of the everlasting relationship forever. To celebrate this auspicious day of the lives of an individual there are various other ceremonies through which an individual has to go through. All these ceremonies include another major ceremony which is performed by both the families together before the marriage known as ‘Engagement Ceremony’.

An engagement ceremony is a function which can also be named as ‘Ring Ceremony’. It involves the exchange of rings between the bride and the groom to be. The function is celebrated with great pomp and zest. It is also considered as a favorable time for both the families to know each other much better and deepen their bonds. In involves the introduction of both the family members and their relatives and friends as well. Therefore it can be considered as one of the best times for both the families to unite with each other along with the bride and the groom. The ceremony is considered auspicious as it remarks as one of the first steps towards marriage.

How is the ceremony performed?

Engagement Ceremony involves a lot of fun, laughter, dance, celebration, and enjoyment. Indeed it is one of the most beautiful and memorable days of the life of the couple. Family and friends enjoy the moment and bless them with their choicest blessings. In the initial stage, the ceremony begins with a holy chant performed by the priest along with performing the holy ceremony to avail the blessings of almighty on the couple. The ritual is performed to bless the bride and groom for their prosperous and happy life ahead. Some rituals are also performed by the bride’s and groom’s families to bless both of them.

Later the rings are exchanged among the bride and groom which is one of the most awaited moments of the whole ceremony. Everyone present in the function blesses the couple with all their blessings and love. Later the family and relatives exchange few gifts among themselves and along with the couple. The celebration later continues along with fun, laughter, and great pomp. People dance, sing, and enjoy the most to make the moment memorable and joyous. Pictures are captured to keep the moments alive in the form of memories. Later the event continues along with a hearty meal. The ceremony sums up with joy, happiness, pure blessings, and a lot of memories to collect.

Such ceremonies involve a lot of planning and preparations before the event takes place. Let us have a look at some of the things involved to complete the ceremony:

  • Materials to perform the holy ritual
  • Flowers
  • Things to decorate the venue and many more such things.

Let us also have a look at some of the important services required to complete an Engagement Ceremony:

  • A priest to perform the holy rituals
  • A venue for the function
  • Decorators
  • Music system
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Caterer
  • People to help out with petty services such as arranging the gifts and bouquets given by the people attending the ceremony, and many other services.